There's no shame in producer Southside's game when it comes to coming out of his pocket to purchase a woman a Brazilian butt lift.

On Tuesday (June 28), Sizzle appeared on Real 92.3's The Cruz Show for an interview in preparation for his new album. During the sit-down, the beat maker discussed his familiarity with paying to get women's cheeks augmented when the topic randomly came up. The "Hold That Heat" producer revealed he is no authority on the topic, but he is frequently a financier of fraudulent cakes.

"Expert, no. Funder, yes," Southside admitted to hosts J. Cruz and Jeff Garcia at the 11:37-mark of the interview.

When asked how many butt enhancements he's paid for, Southside responded, "I got a list. Shit is crazy," before adding, "Ten, for sure. I done got some girls titties did twice. I done got a girl's titties did, got ’em big. They was too big for her. Redid ’em again, got ’em smaller."

Sizzle has even come up with a clever nickname for himself for all his charity work.

"I call myself Bob The Builder," he added.

Southside is currently working on his new album. After putting out the single "Hold That Heat" with Future and Travis Scott back in April, the producer-rapper is prepping the release of his new single "Yellow Tape" with Future. Aside from being one of the hottest producers in the game, he has released over 10 solo and collab projects, with the most recent being Demons R Us with Atlanta rapper Doe Boy in 2020.

Watch Southside's Full Interview on The Cruz Show Below

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