The state is rolling out a new, harder to fake driver’s license.  They goin’ all old school on us, too!  The photos will be black and white.  Also, the state thinks your pretty face is so nice they’re printing it twice.  The ID will feature your photo on the left and a smaller duplicate photo in a circle on the right.  The pics will appear on both sides of the card.  “Experts” claim this will make them more difficult to forge, but we’re pretty sure someone will figure it out sooner or later.

Current New YorkID’s are easily faked.  The new ID’s will be comparable to the ones they use in Virginia.  Fake Virginia ID’s are rarely found because of how difficult they are to duplicate. New York is hoping for similar results.

All I have to say is THANK GOD they didn’t throw together an ID as fugly as the blue and yellow license plates.  Who’s idea was that???  “People will get used to them after a while.”  Not this guy, brah.

The state will start transitioning towards the new licenses in July.  Don't worry if you're ID doesn't come out the way you hoped, things could always be worse... after all, it could look like this:

christyvickie, tumblr