Although the newly "reincarnated" Snoop Lion is making huge changes to his inner self, he should also be prepping for the extensive changes that his bank account is bound to go through after tax season.

A little more than a week ago, the IRS filed a tax lien against Snoop, born Calvin Broadus Jr., saying that the Long Beach City Crew founder owed $546,270.29 in back taxes.

Snoop hasn't been outright shirking his fiscal responsibilities though. According to the Toronto Sun, just two years ago, the newly converted Rastafarian paid off a $476,338 debt to the government that had dated back to 2008.

It seems that the 'Lighters Up' creator, is handling all of his bills though. As stated previously, Snoop took care of a tax bill for 2008, in 2011. Now according to documents obtained by TMZ, he owes $101,952.44 in unpaid taxes for 2009, and $444,317.85 for 2011.

We're sure Snoop Lion will have his finances evened out sooner than later, especially if the release of his upcoming LP and documentary are successful.

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