Snoop Dogg‘s new reggae persona, Snoop Lion, performed over the weekend at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, where he treated festival attendees to the first-ever live version of his new single, ‘La La La.’

Snoop Lion looked the part, with a Rasta hat and a black tshirt with his own face on it in the reggae colors of red, green and yellow. He took the stage smoking something that looked suspiciously like an illegal substance — although we know Snoop would never do such a thing. Between puffs, he sang the laid-back tune and invited the crowd to sing along with the deceptively-catchy hook.

‘La La La’ will appear on Snoop’s next release, ‘Reincarnated,’ which documents his transformation from rapper to reggae champion. Snoop said in a statement that he “wanted to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion,” although he reportedly included some old rap hits like ‘Gin and Juice’ in his Osheaga set. Also, we feel obligated to point out that Snoop still used his giant custom-made “Snoop Dogg” microphone. Hey, that thing probably cost a lot of dough, so who can blame him for wanting to get his money’s worth?

Diplo and Major Lazer are among the big-name producers who worked on the new record. A documentary about Snoop’s life-changing experiences in Jamaica, to be released in conjunction with the album, will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September.

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