Snoop Dogg wants to send a shout out to President Barack Obama for a job well done. Specifically, the veteran rhymer wants to thank the president for "setting the tone" for whoever lands in office in 2017.

And no, he doesn't care who that person is.

"Thank you Obama for really setting the tone for whoever the f--- is coming in there next, which we don't give a f--- about," the rapper told Rolling Stone. "We just gonna live like you still up in there."

Snoop says he appreciates President Obama's final year and is glad the president seems to be enjoying himself, and appreciates the vibe he's set for office, citing Larry Wilmore's loose speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner as an example.

"He's been really going out with a bang," the "Gin & Juice" rapper said. "He's doing barbecues, basketball games. He's in there just really livin' it up."

Neither Wiz or Snoop appear to care much about the impending election, in spite of Snoop's open praise for the president, believing it will be politics as usual, no matter who lands in the White House.

"I don't give a f--- about that s---," Khalifa said.

Snoop agreed.

"It don't matter which one of them motherf---ers is in the office," he said, "we gonna still do what the fuck we've been doing 'cause that's all we know."