Last month, Snoop Dogg revealed that he would be releasing a new album for fans, and assured them that it would be coming sometime in May. Now, it looks like the music world can start their countdown, as the Long Beach rapper revealed the official release date for the project, which is titled Neva Left.

The Cali MC put up a throwback photo of himself from his humble beginnings in hip-hop, with a caption that revealed May 19 as the official release date for the album. The caption read, "Neva left. May 19th. New snoop record." The new project will be the fifteenth studio album from the veteran rapper and follows in the footsteps of his Coolaid album that was released last year. So far, aside from a preview track that he debuted in an Instagram video last month, we don't have many details on what we can expect from the upcoming release, though Rick Rock is expected to produce on the LP.

Many fans are anticipating that the album will be released through his recently relaunched Doggystyle Records, but there's no telling who could potentially be featured on the project. We can't help but wonder if the rapper will address the recent comments from President Donald Trump on a record, who responded to his music video for "Lavender" that found Snoop pointing a gun at the U.S. leader's head. Trump tweeted that Snoop has a "failing" career, and questioned if he would receive jail time if he pointed the gun at former President Obama when he was in office.

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