Snoop Dogg‘s transformation into reggae artist Snoop Lion might have raised a few eyebrows especially after hearing “La La La,” but apparently he is for real. Producer Diplo, who is overseeing the music on Snoop Lion’s reggae album ‘Reincarnation,’ is amazed at the veteran rhyme-slinger’s metamorphosis.

“If you haven’t seen Snoop recently, he’s gone totally Rasta,” he tells MTV News. “He has Bob Marley and Haile Selassie pins — he’s mad Rasta.”

As we previously reported, Snoop is premiering  his new documentary ‘Reincarnated,’ which chronicles his trip to Jamaica and the recording process of his reggae album of the same name, at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I’m tired of rapping,” he said in the movie’s trailer. “F— Snoop Dogg … all that s— be out of here… Rastafari called me.”

Diplo says the album will shock a lot of people but it will not disappoint. “It’s gonna surprise people, but it’s an amazing record,” he attests. “We have some almost rap stuff on the record, but there’s also a lot of singing, because he sings really well and there’s a lot of backing vocals.”

“He was really studying Bob Marley,” Diplo continues. “We [also] have some West Coast attitude with the production, and I’m really excited about it. It sounds amazing.”

In addition, to the album, there’s a photography book and a non-profit initiative called Mind Garden which will provide food and assistance to needy children in Kingston, Jamaica.

Before Snoop embarked on his Rasta journey, he was granted approval from Bob Marley’s son Rohan and then traveled to Jamaica where he immersed himself in the Niyabinghi branch of the Rastafari movement. So there you have it — Snoop is a lion, hear him roar!

Watch Diplo Talk About Snoop Dogg’s Reggae Album