Race and comedy don't always mix, but with Black History Month upon us, 'SNL' decided to take no prisoners and create a music video that has the potential to be one of the most offensive things the show has ever done. It's a credit to the writers and to performers Keenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata that this thing works and that it's as funny as it is.

These past few episodes have seen 'SNL' actually give its extremely funny black actors a chance to shine, helping deflate the murmuring that Zamata was only hired because of the recent controversy surrounding the show's lack of black female talent. Heck, even if they did only hire Zamata to get the internet to chill out, they've ended up with a wonderful comic presence who meshes perfectly with Pharoah and Thompson. They should team these three up for music videos more often.

Anyway, the scene finds the trio playing high school students singing a song about why black people deserve a hug this month. The first reason is that they're awesome ... and the other 27 are because of slavery.

Yeah, it rides a fine line between shocking and offensive, but you've got to admire the nerve on display here. For the first time in a awhile, 'SNL' is showing some real bite and it looks good and feels ... Well, not quite dangerous, but close enough.