Florida has become a hotbed for new talent over the past few years. Denzel Curry and Kodak Black made a lot of people wake up and realize that when he became a XXL Freshman in 2016. Since then, more and more artists have been getting wider recognition. Smokepurpp is another one of the names that fans need to keep an eye on going forward

Purpp, much like fellow Florida rhymers XXXTENTACION and Pouya, has cultivated a massive following on SoundCloud. You can look no further than his latest song "She Say," which has already racked up nearly 80,000 hits. The Krookz and DJ Flippp production sees Smokepurpp slathering every inch of the track with Auto-Tune.

"I'm in L.A., I'm off a perc, ain’t feel a thing/Lil’ shawty, lil’ shawty runs with me/I'm off a bean/I'm in L.A. fucking up a couple thing/I got that soda, I got that soda/Shawty love my jewelry, and she love the way I walk/I got that soda, I got that soda/Shawty wanna fuck me cause she love the way I talk/Two phones for me, hit my first phone/Shawty, you gone lose my first phone/Second phone, that's my fucking trap phone/Don't hit my phone, you ain't talking 'bout no boat,” Smokepurpp croons.

"She Say" is just a small taste of Smokepurpp's style though. If you want to hear more, check his Up Now Fuck Now EP below. The six-track effort is his latest project, though Smokepurpp says it's just a collection of songs he saved up over time.

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