Smokepurpp is not a fan of 6ix9ine...but he is a fan of the mother of the incarcerated rapper's daughter.

During an Instagram Live session on Tuesday (July 30), Purpp, who just dropped his Lost Planet 2.0 project in May, let it be known that he wants to have relations with Sara Molina.

"Where's 6ix9ine's baby moms at? We need a fourth one, don't we? We need a fourth one!" Purpp said while sitting with two women. "6ix9ine's baby mom, where you at? What's her name again? I don't know, but all four of us are trying to fuck—me and my two girlfriends."

When he saw a fan say "Free 6ix9ine!" in the comments, he proceeded to call him a rat.

"Keep 6ix9ine in jail, fuck that rat! His baby mom though, hey!" he said while licking his lips. "6ix9ine's baby mom, where you at?"

Later that day, fans began calling him out for talking down on 6ix9ine, saying that he's only freely talking like that because the embattled rapper can't respond from behind bars. He assured everyone that he plans to keep that same energy when he's out, however.

"I see y’all saying, ‘You won’t be calling 6ix9ine a rat when he gets out!' Yeah I will 'cause he’s a fucking rat, stupid!" Purpp said on another IG Live. "Fuck 6ix9ine, he’s a rat. And 6ix9ine’s baby moms—I’m still looking for you, baby! Hit my line, baby!"

According to 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade, he's expected to be out within the next six months. As for Molina, she and 6ix9ine are not on speaking terms and she recently trolled him with a skit poking fun at him on Father's Day. She has not yet responded to Purpp.

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