Sounds like Smokepurpp had a change of heart about the mother of 6ix9ine's child after she jumped onto her Instagram story and declined his initial advances.

In an Instagram story uploaded last night (July 31), Purpp let the world know how he really feels about 6ix9ine's baby's mother, Sara Molina. Not only does he call her crazy, but he also goes on to talk about Sara's looks.

"Aye 6ix9ine baby mama, you crazy," Smokepurpp said in his IG Story. "You thought I really wanted you? The fuck? Bitch, your ass looks like a horse."

The switch-up happened a day after the 2018 XXL Freshman talked about trying to hook up with the imprisoned rapper's ex. Purpp hopped on Instagram Live on Tuesday (July 30) and told the world he wanted to have Molina come through to have relations with him and his two girlfriends.

"Where's 6ix9ine's baby moms at? We need a fourth one, don't we? We need a fourth one!" Purpp said while sitting with two women. "6ix9ine's baby mom, where you at? What's her name again? I don't know, but all four of us are trying to fuck—me and my two girlfriends."

From there, Molina eventually responded to Purpp on her IG story and made fun of him for getting jumped by associates of Russ, a rapper whom Purpp beefed with last year. That's apparently what led Molina to respond.

"Niggas get curved and get corny," Molina said on her Instagram Story. "At the end of the day, don't get mad at me for your L's. I just simply stated that you got beat the fuck up by Russ of all people and I don't know none of your music so why you so mad?"

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine has been in jail since November 2018 for federal racketeering charges. However, his girlfriend Jade claims the Brooklyn rapper may come home in the next six months. Purpp is one person who'd be cool if Tekashi stayed behind bars forever.

After someone commented "Free 6ix9ine" during Purpp's IG Live session, the Miami rapper said that 6ix9ine is a rat and should stay locked up.

"Keep 6ix9ine in jail, fuck that rat! His baby mom though, hey!" he said while licking his lips. "6ix9ine's baby mom, where you at?"

Watch Sara Molina respond to Smokepurpp below.

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