It seems residents on a Cohoes street have new furry neighbors living in an abandoned house. The house has been vacant for some time with no one stirring until recently. They say that foxes have decided to call the property home with one neighbor, Ted Conlon, who even witnessed a fox near the windows and others laying in the sun on the roof.

One of the foxes was looking out the window as if he was standing guard and he's looking right at me, and then he comes out the window and does his thing with the other one.

Many residents are concerned that they are not only a nuisance but fear for their pets.

The home, at the end of Dartmouth Street, in Cohoes is just dilapidated and the foxes move about freely. There are broken windows and doors are wide open throughout the building. According to News Channel 13, the house was owned by a woman who had passed away in 2014 and hadn't had the property taxes paid since 2015.

Cohoes Mayor Bill Keeler says that the wildlife team is trying to get a handle on the fox problem in the city. It's not specific to this property.

We've had a general fox problem since spring. About a half-mile further up the hill in Cohoes, we live-trapped three foxes that were up on top of peoples' cars and up on their porches and super friendly, not threatening anybody, but they were too comfortable with humans.

Traps were set last week with half a rack of ribs but the foxes are too sly to get caught. So, for now, they continue to live in the zombie property on Dartmouth Street and other parts of Cohoes.

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