After the Hot 97 Summer Jam fiasco earlier this month, the Slowbucks crew have been making headlines regularly.

Slow's chain allegedly being snatched was the start of the drama and then when he hired an investigative attorney and held a press conference about the incident, there was even more to talk about. So folks shouldn't be surprised that the group would capitalize off this newfound fame (not necessarily the good kind) and release a track dissing 50 Cent, who reportedly was at the heart of the chain-snatching incident.

The song, '0-300 Real S---,' uses the beat from Drake's new track '0 to100,' and features some direct one-liners hurled at the 'Animal Ambition' creator. The effort is also a play on the new G-Unit track '0-100 Real Quick.'

"50, he a bitch when I see him I'm gonna smack him / Yayo you a fraud you frontin', you seen what happened," the Slowbucks crew rap.

With the song being a whopping 5 minutes and 28 seconds long, it's evident that Slow and his crew have a lot on their minds regarding the Summer Jam incident. And considering the word "snitch" has been associated with the group recently, they've been doing everything in their power to deny those damaging claims.

A few days ago, Slow posted an Instagram photo of 50 Cent and claimed the rapper was desperate to stay relevant. "This n---- 50, A.K.A 5-0, got some nerve," he wrote. "Who shot me? You think it was Preme, Freeze or Tah Tah. Lord forgive me for I've sinned over and over again just to stay on top."

Listen to SlowBucks' 50 Cent Diss Track '0-300 Real S---'