Slim Thug has deleted the video in which he refers to Troy Ave shooting up T.I.'s concert and calls the move dumb.


The dust is beginning to settle a bit following the shoot out that took place backstage at T.I's Irving Plaza show (May 25) and after it was reported that Troy Ave had suffered a gun shot wound to the leg, footage later surfaced of the rapper shooting a fire arm, leading to charges of attempted murder and reckless endangerment. All in all, the events from that night have Troy in some serious trouble, and posting to Instagram Thursday evening (May 26), Slim Thug calls him out for the boneheaded move.

"You new niggas ain't that smart, man. You new niggas be doin’ a lot of dumb shit," he says in the above video. "How you think you finna get away with shootin’ a nigga in the club like people ain't got cameras everywhere you go nowaday? Where can you go in the world where ain't no camera looking at you? Why is you shooting in a club in New York and you known? And people know who you are. You was making some money, I don’t care if it was $1,000 night whenever you perform. Get out the dumb shit. That’s not Belly. You can’t just walk in there and chop it up and get away, it ain't real. Wake up young niggas, y’all too dumb. Get out the dumb shit and do some smart shit."

For the unfamiliar, Belly, the 1998 movie starring DMX and Nas, opens with a visually stunning scene of club shootout that ends with the protagonists escaping unscathed. As Thug accurately mentions though, that was fiction, and the scene at Irving Plaza, which left one dead, is much not. Watch his plea to younger rappers to smarten up up top.

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