Anyone with half a brain knows that kids shouldn't be required to obtain a permit to have a lemonade stand.  We did these types of things as kids and we did it to have a little summer fun and if we made a few bucks to go buy baseball cards or ice cream it was a win.  Imagine biking down to City Hall as a 7-year-old and filling out paperwork so that you and your sibling could sell lemonade in front of the house? Nonsense. The fact that 7-year-old Brendan Mulvaney's Ballston Spa lemonade stand (on his family's front porch, mind you) was shut down over the weekend is pure insanity to me.  Was his .75 cent cup of lemonade really posing that much of a threat to the lemonade vendors selling their product at the county fair across the street?  Well, Brendan's father, Sean, doesn't think so and he's not backing down.  In fact, he's already told us that they're planning their next lemonade venture, permit or not!

The story has garnered national attention and while Sean doesn't want to keep prolonging it, he told me that he's not ready to cave in.

"My whole life I've been through struggles and I always pick myself up and that's what I'm trying to teach my kid" he explains.  Sean, who is a volunteer fireman and also coaches youth sports sees this as an opportunity to teach his son a valuable lesson as this story has become a viral topic of discussion.

"I'm not trying to make myself famous, or my wife." He added, "It's more for my son so that when he gets older, he can say he made a difference in the world."

Proceeds from the sale will benefit a friend of Brendan's named Madison who is currently seeking treatment at Shriner's Children Hospital.  'Maddie' is dealing with complications stemming from children's Blount's disease.

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