Once upon a time, there was the camera and the phone. Sometime along the way, the twain met.

But have you ever taken a good luck at so-called "old" photographs and noticed how beautiful they actually were? Maybe they had their limitations, and maybe the colors didn't always come out right - but how else do you explain the popularity of Instagram "filters" that take smartphone photos and make them look like they were taken on a 1980 Polaroid camera?

This Mother's Day, I and the rest of the Hot 99.1 DJs wish you and the mothers in your life a wonderful weekend. For me, I'll be thinking of my mom who left this world in 2011. Here are some great photos I found of her and me back in the day. No Instagram filters added - these are the real thing.

I love her. I miss her.

Redman Family Collection, 1973
Redman Family Collection, 1975
Redman Family Collection, 1991
Redman Family Collection, 2003
Redman Family Collection, 2010