Uploading my mixes to Mixcloud.

Have you ever listened to “The Hotness” and wanted to know what record was being played at a certain date and time? Did you miss a show and want to know what new songs were being played? Well, you now can listen to my mixes on Mixcloud for free!! The people was requesting some of my mixes, so I gave the people what they want.

Cropped Image Of Dj Mixing Sound At Nightclub
Getty Images/EyeEm

I will be uploading some of my live “Hotness” mixes, along with special dedication ones to Mixcloud. You can play them when you’re on your way to work, at the cooking, or play it at your next party. There is going to be a mix for every occasion that everyone can enjoy. I want to restore the feeling of a time where people felt the music and it spoke to them. So make sure you go check them out, tell a friend!

Check out my latest mix below

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