Two of the three men involved in a March confrontation with Albany police have filed federal lawsuits against the officers involved, alleging false arrest and excessive force as well as failure to intervene and supervisory liability. According to NEWS 10, the men, Armando Sanchez and Mario Gorostiza, seek unspecified monetary damages.

Do you think they deserve a payout? They weren't convicted of any crime so the video does seem excessive. I also think that the question of these people receiving a payout is biased from the beginning. A payout doesn't come from the Officer's involved at all so what lesson is being taught?

The same people who decided who gets a payout and how much, control the money, so of course they are biased. To go even further the money comes to the taxpayers who will have no say in who gets what. What do you think? How much money should they get, and what punishment should the officer's receive for this violation? If these people are awarded money, they are given the money to remain silent on the bigger problem which is systemic. Money doesn't fix anything it just gives people that have been violated money to shut up. We have seen this time and time again.

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