More news to irritate smokers, even more, I caught this over at WNYT, The Albany County Legislature will take up a bill Monday night (page 87 of the agenda) to ban tobacco products in county-owned parks. The legislation is part of a continuing battle from Albany County to combat kids getting addicted to cigarettes and reduce the county’s smoking rate.

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Paul Miller of Guilderland introduced the legislation, which has 30 co-sponsors. Miller says he’s a Boy Scout Leader, and constantly sees the effects of smoking when he’s outdoors. “I’ve seen a lot of areas where there are tobacco products left around,” said Miller. “Cigarette butts, people just seem to think that it’s not a big deal to drop their cigarette butts wherever they feel like it.”

Do you agree with this ban? I can understand banning cigarettes and other products from indoors, but banning them from outside, effects people's right to smoke. I've never smoked a day in my life but I don't see how someone smoking outdoors is offensive to anyone.

The things that Paul Miller complained about could all be solved with trash cans throughout the trail. This sounds like overkill, and using the reason that this stops young people from smoking isn't rational. If someone wants to smoke at any age they are going to find a way to do it.

The cigarette butts left on the trail are probably from grown adults walking their dogs and smoking while doing it. There is an even bigger question are we going to dedicate police officers to stop people from smoking in a public place ? That would be a huge waste of time, unless a fine was associated with this offense. (More Money for the city of Albany is what this ban is all about.) This ban doesn't effect me because I don't smoke and aside from the health reasons, this might be a good reason to stop.

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