Shia LaBeouf has bars. After successful performances in movies like Transformers, Eagle Eye and Holes, the former Even Stevens star could be on the cusp of stardom in the arena of rap after footage of him freestyling off the top of the dome went viral on the internet.

In the video, a shirtless and visibly plastered Shia leads an outdoor cypher. "Yeah I'm so cussed out, you already know me, homie / You can't really clone me 'less you hold me and you fold me / It don't make no sense, but I get it like I got it though / Rocking like a novice but I'm rock it like a rocket though," he raps. Where's the flex bombs when you need them? After he lets off a couple of rounds, the crowd squeals in excitement and begs for more.

The rare commodity, the quality is what it’s gotta be / And my philosophy is much farther than what your eyes can see," he finishes brilliantly. Despite garnering massive respect from his peers in attendance, Shia's freestyle wasn't well-received by a rap crew called Anomolies. According to the group, Shia stole some of their lyrics from a 1999 track titled "Perfectionist." Despite their claims, Shia hasn't responded to their allegations that he's a biter.

Overall, Shia really had some struggle bars in there, but you've got to appreciate his love for the art of freestyling and the fact he throws in boastful lines like "Oh s---, best to do this since 2Pac was doing music." It seems as if the actor has been doing this forever because this isn't the first time he's showed off his lyrical abilities. When he appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborne in 2003, Shia -- merely a teenager -- dropped a freestyle and even breakdanced for the ravenous audience members. Obviously, the kid has evolved since then. Catch his vintage freestyle below.

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