If you have ever stared into the cosmos with awe and wonder, this is a sight you will not want to miss this weekend.

If you are a stargazer, any night is a great opportunity to stare off into space wondering just how far away some of those stars really are and how long their light took to get to earth. It still blows my mind knowing that some stars that you are seeing are actually already burned out because it took their light that long to reach earth.

Even more awe-inspiring is the sight of other planets in the night sky. It really makes you wonder what else is out there and they are simply a sight to behold. This weekend in the Upstate New York sky you can see several of our Milky Way planetary neighbors in what NBC News calls a "rare alignment."

According to the story, starting this weekend and through the month of June Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus will be "...aligned in their order of distance from the sun...across the eastern horizon before sunrise." The planets will be visible with the naked eye and the best time to see this rare occurrence is 30 minutes before sunrise here in Upstate New York. NBC News says to "...choose with unobstructed views of the eastern and southeastern horizon. "

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