Atlanta-bred rapper Sean Falyon is prepping the release of his new mixtape, 'SFBE 4: Famous,' and in the title track, he floats over a Bah-produced beat that blends the line between gritty and spacey with synths and glittering keys. The sonic pleasures are unmistakably earthy as Falyon beats his chests on the hook.

"They know the name / They know the face / Bunch of bitches 'round me like I made it," he chants. But like the beat, Falyon shifts between domineering to sarcastic. "You would think I would have a No. 1 hit / The way I get into it and a n---- feelin' rich," the bearded MC adds.

'Famous,' which is available for order on iTunes, is full of instances where Falyon is observing the new space he's in and shrugging off his surroundings. He hints at the ease of taking your girl (they do know the face after all) but suddenly he snarls at his fame's limitations when the hi-hats -- a Billboard staple -- roll in. "If you ain't let me in your club / P---- n---- f---- your club / Turn my own s--- and turn up / So f--- your V.I.P."

The track is his take at being conflicted, but not so much so that it sours a world-conquering attitude.

'SFBE 4: Famous' is coming soon.

Listen to Sean Falyon's 'Famous'