Super producer Scott Storch recently caught up with our friends over at to discuss topics ranging from Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album to working with 50 Cent.

On the topic of Detox, Storch estimates that Dre has about “3 million” songs recorded for the album. He also referenced Dre’s high standards but didn’t speculate on whether or not the album will ever be released.

Storch also reflected on working with Dre in the early 90’s. He said they worked together to create the piano and string-driven sound that Storch still utilizes today. He said, together, they created “the sound of the west.”

On the east coast side of things, the idea of working with 50 Cent again excites Storch. “Every time me and him make a record, it’s some f---ing dope, fly s---. The success rate is 100% with us doing stuff together.”

The two have collaborated on tracks in the past, including Candy Shop, Just A Lil Bit and Get Up.

Storch has struggled to match the success he had in the early/mid 2000’s lately. Some of the records he’s produced include:

Christina Aguilera – Fighter

Beyonce – Baby Boy

Ja Rule – Clap Back

G-Unit – Poppin’ Them Thangs

Beyonce – Me, Myself And I

Beyonce – Naughty Girl

Mario – Let Me Love You

Fat Joe – Lean Back

Fat Joe – Get It Poppin

Chris Brown – Run It

Lil Kim – Lighters Up

Remy Ma – Conceited

Chris Brown – Gimme That

Fat Joe – Make It Rain

Big Boi - Shutterbugg