Donald Sterling doesn't have to apologize for his racist remarks. At least that's what Scarface thinks.

According to the 'My Block' rapper, it doesn't make sense for the Los Angeles Clippers owner to say he's sorry because what he said in the now infamous audio recording represents his true feelings.

"I don't feel like he should apologize," Scarface tells "Why should he? I don't apologize. Why should he? Why would he? For what? What you sorry about? 'I'm sorry because I don't like black people.' No sir. Why you sorry about that?"

The 43-year-old spitter also blasted Sterling for being involved with someone who's 31 years of age when he's 80. Scarface said the age difference is the same thing as a 50-year-old dating an infant.

"Dude you f---in' 80 years old. How the f--- can you be in love with a... Like looking back that's not even a child to him," reasoned Scarface. "That's like an infant. 40 is a child to him, but 20 is like a  f---in' infant."

Additionally, the legendary MC also said he doesn't require an apology from Sterling because a lot of folks feel the same way he does, so if they don't have to say sorry why should he.

"Hey, I ain't mad at him," admitted the native Texan. "Shoot, I don't blame him... it's a whole bunch of other mothaf---ers think just like him. White and black and Hispanic and Chinese. So if those people don't like you because of the color of your skin then it's something wrong with those people. Ain't nothing wrong with you, man."