Saucy Santana is unapologetically breaking the mold in hip-hop as he simultaneously remains true to himself. He's one-of-one, and has earned a legion of fans for his viral raps and witty phrases. The 28-year-old rapper, who reps Bridgeport, Conn. and Perry, Fla., has friendships with accomplished rappers like City Girls and Latto, which has brought more attention his way. He also recently hit the road and collaborated with Latto for his new song "Booty." While those moves may have bolstered his success, Santana has locked in his latest accomplishment on his own: being a member of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class.

Extra-long, bedazzled nails, a full-face of makeup and tight-fitting ensemble to accentuate his curvaceous shape are all part of Saucy's unique presence in his Freshman freestyle. He also utters some of the fiercest bars from the second verse of his 2020 track "Try Your Luck," which include countless quotables both relatable and matter-of-fact. "I went from rags to riches/Some friends done changed up, congrats to disses because I came up/I got my hater blockers on/It's tunnel vision/If you can't beat them, join them/Better make your decision/Let me clear this air, I can't see through the smoke/Fame in me is savage, let me show you cutthroat/A crowd full of whispers, a page full of comments/But it don't phase me, it ain't making no commas," he raps.

Saucy Santana employs hand gestures to drive his points home. There's nothing cookie cutter about him nor silver spoon offered, from his upbringing to his stint involved in street life. "I put the D in dividends, not the D in drama/But if we gotta take it there, trust, it's gon' be trauma/Traumatizing for you/You think you know my story, but you ain't got a clue/I changed the game, I'm on the rise/They try to go against me, but they know I'm the vibe/Daddy up the Rolls, see him when I'm 35/Momma taught me also, but had to fight to survive/Speaking of 35, that nigga bought me the plug/How the gay boy on the block selling a purse full of drugs?" he spits.

He caps off his freestyle demanding respect. Saucy shoots it straight, bypassing all of the background noise. "Yippie yi yo, yippie yi yi yay/Snatch the controller from you niggas/I am not here to play/Santana think he all that/New deal, new waist, tell a hating-ass ho she can fall back/Bitch, I started this shit, gotta play your position/Gotta respect the game, gotta respect the transition/I'm still snatching y'all wigs, call me hair physician/Million-dollar deal on a billion-dollar mission/Silly bitches want the beef, but I'm stacking that cheese/And niggas begging me for mercy, talking ’bout Santana, please," Saucy Santana rhymes.

"I see the comments, don't play on my top/I held my nuts on you hoes, but now it's time to drop/I click your page, that shit says follow back/Respond to beef over beats, let me call up Tre Trax," the rapper concludes.

Saucy Santana's appeal is glitz and glamour, but that wasn't always the case for him, as he shares in his Freshman freestyle. He's aware of his naysayers and continues to keep his foot firmly placed on the gas, zooming towards the success he envisions for himself.

This year has been a groundbreaking year for Saucy. Coming off viral fame thanks to his hit songs "Material Girl," which became a coined phrase—"material gworl"—"Walk" and "Walk Em Like a Dog," in conjunction with his social media presence, the rising artist is now on RCA's roster, supported Latto on her 777 Tour earlier this year alongside fellow 2022 XXL Freshman Kali and rising artist Asianae, and recently hit the stage with pop icon Madonna to perform her hit "Material Girl" during New York City Pride.

Just last month, Saucy dropped a new single, "Booty" featuring Latto, which has already garnered over 2.5 million streams on Spotify. The high-energy, party anthem also contains the distinct horns from 1970's R&B/funk group the Chi-Lites' "Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)," which were sampled by Beyoncé on her smash hit "Crazy in Love" featuring Jay-Z as well.

With some singles lined up for the summer, Saucy Santana fans can peep his 2022 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by Puma, below in the meantime.

Watch Saucy Santana's 2022 XXL Freshman Freestyle Below

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