A popular deli in Saratoga Springs, well known for their delicious sandwiches and homemade soups, has been whipping up more than meals in their kitchen lately.  But their latest beef isn't on the menu, and they're only serving it to critics.

In a recent Facebook post, Saratoga's Broadway Deli took a shot at food critics and bloggers who they feel have become too critical of slower service in the restaurant industry.  The deli claims that while things appear to be back to normal post-pandemic, they say that the food industry is trying to catch up, and that people need some more patience.

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"These are hard working people busting their ass...so relax, have another glass of Rose, and remember that your opinion is meaningless." -Saratoga's Broadway Deli Facebook

The post was far from diplomatic, but that's in part what makes it so effective.  Many of the comments on the deli's Facebook page were by people who applauded management for taking a stance against the trolls. Here's what they wrote:

This isn't the first time the deli has clapped back at customers or even politicians.

Back in May, in a Facebook post designed to inform their customers about what to expect in regards to mask protocol when they come in and eat their food.  In that post, they also took a shot at "government" (Cuomo) who they say chickened out on taking a hard-lined, decisive stance writing, "It was a dick move by the government to put the onus of public health on the shoulders of business owners."

While their latest post generated mostly favorable reviews, a few of the comments challenged the owners a bit, suggesting that that it may have bit a bit extra suggesting that customers opinions are meaningless.

Jackson Tollerton wrote: "I generally agree with the sentiment here, but “your opinion is meaningless” is a pretty unprofessional thing for a business to say on the business account."
Saratoga’s Broadway Deli responded with: 

"Jackson Tollerton also the idea that a business has to remain professional, smile, and take crap is ridiculous. A business is run by people, working their asses off, and shouldn’t have to to put up with people’s ignorant opinions about things without being able to defend themselves.
For decades restaurants have been a punching bag for people who think the cost of a sandwich allows them to treat us poorly. No more of that."
Point taken.  With a side of slaw.

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