FBI just released last year crime stats and I found some of the numbers extremely alarming. They show there's about a 40% chance you'll get away with murder. The cops only cleared about 62% of murder cases, which means 38% of cases haven't led to any arrests.

According to Vox

Cops only cleared 61.6% of murder cases last year which means either they arrested someone or they dismissed the case because they figured out it was a suicide or something else. That means 38.4% of murders last year did NOT lead to any arrests.

That's not the only crime people are getting away with. There was no arrest in 46% of aggravated assaults 66% of rapes 81% of larcenies 86% of car thefts and 86% of burglaries.

These numbers aren't only alarming for murder but the other crimes as well. Truth is its hard to prove that anyone did anything. Most violent crime conviction come with a plea deal and 80% of prisoners took plea deals.

Truth is there are more criminals on the street than there are in prison. Everyone should be alarmed by these numbers this completely destroys the stereotypes on crime and violence as well. We can attribute to any one race or sex because most of the crimes don't get solved.

It has to be some kind of valid reason why crimes aren't solved. If someone is murdered there is no one to testify to the crime. Who are the police protecting and serving with numbers like this ?

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