Add RZA to the list of hip-hop artists supporting Hillary Clinton's bid to be the next President of the United States. The Wu-Tang Clan member confirmed he's endorsing Clinton in a new profile by The Daily Beast. RZA explained that his travels around the world impacted his decision.

"I think America is a place that has a great image around the world," RZA said. "As a musician, we travel the world. I’ve been traveling the world from [Bill] Clinton to [George W.] Bush to Barack Obama, right? And when I was going around the world during Clinton, the party was good, people came in and paid for the tickets, I wasn’t mad, room service was good, the restaurant treatment was good. When I traveled the world during Bush, people was hating on me. I had to wait for the waiter, you know what I mean? And then when I traveled when Barack was president, everything was good again."

RZA believes voting Hillary Clinton into office will create a positive worldview as opposed to the negative one that a Donald Trump presidency could bring.

"What that means for me as a world traveler is the image of our president affects us who travel around the world," RZA said. "It affects the worldview of us. So when we put in a black man as president, we kind of fulfilled what the principles of our country are: to look at us as that guiding light. So, if we did it with a black man, I think, for our image, it would be very unique for us to do it with a woman, because that follows the principles of what we are saying this country is."

RZA's endorsement should not come as a surprise. Last November, the acclaimed producer said that it was time for a female to run the country.

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