Roy Woods delivered a fresh new cut called "What Are You On," which may or may not be on his forthcoming Say Less album.

In the song, the OVO signee talks about one particular woman, as well as his overall lifestyle.

"Smoke blunts, rather pop one to get off / VVS make your lady dance from afar / Roll it fast 'cause marijuana is my cologne / Lil' baby come and smoke with me, he ain't no friend to me / Bad b---- still the only girls that can be friends with me," he croons.

The last projects that Mr. Woods dropped was last year's Walking at Dawn, plus, his EP Nocturnal and he recently delivered a Say Less freestyle. And on top of that, he'll be playing at Drake's OVO Fest this year.

There's no word yet on when his new album will arrive, but you can listen to "What Are You On" below.

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