What would summer be without that day trip to your favorite theme park?  Are you a rollercoaster junkie?  Do you get an adrenaline rush? sweaty palms? increased heart rate?  What if the ride of your life became the last ride of your life? That's what happened when a Texas woman was thrown from a rollercoaster last week & fell to her death! It appears the safety harness failed at Six Flags Over Texas near Dallas on their featured coaster The Texas Giant which boasts a 14 ft drop & 79 degree curve when a woman was suddenly ejected mid ride! The woman was overheard saying her safety feature only clicked once.

I can recall riding one of those rides where the harness comes down over your shoulders, The Mind Eraser @ Darien Lake in Rochester & it didn't quite feel right so I had my friend reach over with his elbow & click it into place so it could be closer to my body. I also remember being on the Boomerang @ Six Flags Great Escape & feeling like my booty was lifting off the seat.  I don't know why theres only a bar or the shoulder harness on these rides without a proper seat belt.

I also remember the one summer a lady was thrown & killed off the Superman Ride of Steel @ Six Flags New England but I still rode the ride when it reopened.  That ride max speed is 100 miles per hour too. LOVE.

Ever been stuck upside down? I can recall that happened back in the day at the Westchester County Fair @ Yonkers Raceway when a ride was stuck upside down for nearly an hour & all kinds of debrit & pocket change was falling down making it rain! True story.

I used to be terrified of rollercoasters as a kid until the legendary Dragon Coaster @ Rye Playland in Rye, NY de-virginized me & I been an adrenaline junkie ever since. I even rode all the coasters in Busch Gardens Virginia by myself cause my girlfriends were too afraid to go on rollercoasters & yes Magic Mountain @ Disneyland in Orlando is one of my favorites & I love the Batman @ Six Flags Great Adventure NJ. I been on a lot of rides at a lot of theme parks.

So why do we risk our lives for a lil fun & excitement? I don't know. We never think it could happen to us I suppose. The thrill of the ride, the fear, excitement, adrenaline rush.  Summer just wouldn't be the same without a trip to the amusement park, rides, games, cotton candy, overpriced waffle cones & funnel cakes. Advocate for yourself & if that safety feature doesn't feel secure, speak up before the ride starts or that ride could be the last ride of your life!