Considering Roger Ebert's life revolved around movies, when it ended, it was tragic for the celebs he saw onscreen.

Ebert passed away at 70 earlier today (April 4), merely one day after releasing a statement that he was once again battling cancer.

President Barack Obama released a statement about the passing of the beloved Chicago-based film critic.

"Michelle and I are saddened to hear about the passing of Roger Ebert. For a generation of Americans — and especially Chicagoans — Roger was the movies. When he didn't like a film, he was honest; when he did, he was effusive — capturing the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical. Even amidst his own battles with cancer, Roger was as productive as he was resilient—continuing to share his passion and perspective with the world. The movies won't be the same without Roger, and our thoughts and prayers are with [Ebert's wife] Chaz and the rest of the Ebert family."

Ebert's longtime fellow critic, Richard Roeper -- who picked up where Gene Siskel left off -- also sent heartfelt, heartbreaking wishes to Ebert and his family on his radio show.

"When I started in the newsroom [at the Chicago Sun Times] I was afraid to talk to him -- he was a legend," Roeper said. "Throughout the years we became friends before we became television partners. The guy you saw on TV that loved movies—that was the guy. That was Roger Ebert. And so many other talk shows followed the 'Siskel & Ebert' model. He was very personable and very friendly."

Other celebs took to Twitter to grieve the legendary critic:

You know you've lost a good one when even Joan Rivers only has kind words about you. Rest in peace, Roger Ebert. (Or simply enjoy your banter with Siskel again in the afterlife.)