There was a one-hit wonder band from the late 80's called Information Society who had a song called "What's On Your Mind." Who would have imagined roughly 25 years later, that's what we've become - an "information society" that wants to know "what you're thinking."

Robin Thicke's album Paula is not as bad as reviews make it out to seem. In fact, if you just forget the back story (hard to do, I know, but try) it's a pleasant, retro listen, with even silly moments, occasionally.

You would think, if you're judging a book by its cover, that Paula would be all downbeat, downcast songs like the first single "Get Her Back", but if you listen from track 1 to the end, it actually gets kind of upbeat in the middle, hinting at the sly paramour that Robin attempted to be on his last album, 2013's "Blurred Lines."

Taken on its own, "Paula" is Robin Thicke's entry into the forlorn, love-lost, will do anything to get her back, artist album. Many artists over the years have made album-long statements where a certain person was their muse, so Robin is far from the only one - and he won't be the last.

Best songs:
"Get Her Back", "Lock The Door", and album closer "Forever Love".
Worst songs:
"Tippy Toes", "Something Bad", and "Time of Your Life".

There are some things you can't hide. Robin Thicke is not trying to hide this time. Love to know what you think in the comments.