Rita Ora is adding covers to her portfolio left and right, before her debut album is even in stores. Her bookish Complex cover just dropped, and now she’s landed the front page of the September issue of ASOS.

Rita’s the new cover girl and her bright, bold look is just what fashion plates like to emulate, so this cover is a perfect fit for the rising star and Jay-Z protege. The ish lands on July 30, but we’ve got an advance peek of our gal Rita Ora looking fine in her unique, street-glam chic style.

Ora rocks a bespoke bomber jacket designed by ASOS. However, the rest of the ASOS clothing she is wearing is available for purchase here. So you can rock the Rita Ora look, ladies!

The oft ruby-lipped Ora admits two key style icons. It was Gwen Stefani who “made me want to wear red lipstick. When I saw it on her, I thought she was the prettiest person in the world.” Another style icon for Ora? Yeezy! Yep, she digs a dude’s style too, saying that Kanye West is “one of my fashion icons. I’d love to be the female Kanye. I think he’s so cool and effortless.”

In the mag, Rita doesn’t just look good. She opens up and lets us in, as she talks style and substance. Here’s what we learned!

Her favorite designer: “I’m really into Ashley Williams. She’s British, so young and fresh.”

On those pesky Rihanna comparisons, which are becoming tired: “It’s a great comparison, but I don’t think about it. When the album’s out, it’s going to separate me from that without me having to say anything.”

On her face-to-face meeting with Rihanna, during which no claws were bared: “We literally just had drinks, a dance and a good time. There was no word talk. It was a great party though.” That’s how they do, to borrow a phrase from Ora’s smash hit ‘How We Do.’

On her relationship with Drake: “We’re great friends, if he ever needed me I’d fly out. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and if anyone talks s— about him, I get protective … I really admired that he was so interested in new artists even though he was new himself. We just clicked.”

Watch the Rita Ora ‘How We Do (Party)’ Video