Rihanna's 'S&M' video has been slapped with an ongoing lawsuit.

The video has been problematic for RiRi, as two photographers have claimed that she stole their ideas with the visuals. Back in 2011, American snapper David LaChapelle sued Rihanna over the video, claiming scenes were directly derived from eight of his images. They eventually settled.

Things have not progressed quite so neatly for German photographer Philipp Paulus, 22, who is based in NYC. He also claimed that RiRi's sextastic video copied his 'Paperworld' series, which was bondage-themed. His photos featured a women in a red dress being confined by plastic wrap. RiRi finds herself in the same predicament in her video.

Paulus initially instituted legal proceedings back in 2011 and his case remains unsettled. He is certainly distressed over this situation, telling the Daily Mail, "It is shocking that a company like Universal music, which generates its turnover with intellectual property, copies the intellectual property completely unauthorized and without respect."

His lawyer Philip Jakober said that Universal did admit some similarities a while ago, but had not made an offer they deem reasonable enough to settle. And here he is today.

Jakober said, "Certain video scenes of the music video 'S&M' are essentially the basics of the copyright protected achievements and creations of my client."

Paulus' case, if he wins, could lead to RiRi's video being banned on both YouTube and broadcast TV.

Prior, Paulus expressed shock that Rihanna wasn’t able to hire a team to come up with ideas on their own.

He had said, "Why a worldwide celebrity is not able to afford a creative director, who creates individual concepts and staging, is incomprehensible to me."

He did say that while he respects "Rihanna's talents as a musician," he can't just let it go. He continued, "Nevertheless it is important to respect the creations of others, even young talent - and not to copy their work without legitimacy for earning money with it in order to make money."

The case remains ongoing.

Paulus' work is here.

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