Just days after Chris Brown officially announced their breakup, looks like Rihanna is going back to the well. She was spotted last night in NYC with her ex-fling.

Last year, RiRi was canoodling with NBA star, JR Smith of the New York Knicks. The two were spotted talking and flirting last night in the VIP section of NYC’s Greenhouse. The two had remained friends when Rihanna got back with Breezy, and now it looks like JR is the Barbados Barbie’s “rebound.” See what I did there?!?!

We know Rihanna has a soft spot for musicians and athletes. She was allegedly the catalyst for the bottle-throwing feud between Drake and Chris Brown. Aside from Smith, she’s also dated Los Angeles Dodgers slugger, Matt Kemp.

I gotta give up props to JR Smith the person for landing an A-Grade piece like Ri. As for JR Smith the player, I gotta steal a line from my boy Ed Lover… C’Mon, SON!!! Focus on basketball, bruh! The Knicks are currently tied 1-1 in their second round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers and dude hasn’t done diddly squat. He played like a bum in last night’s game, making just 3 of his 15 shots. Guess his mind was somewhere else (Rihanna’s ass).