Rihanna is battling a former accountant, suing him for squandering $9 million worth of her fortune back in 2009 and advising her to buy a bunk piece of property, rendering her nearly bankrupt. He is now defending himself. Additionally, actress January Jones sorta has the hots for RiRi.

According to TMZ, Peter Gounis has responded to RiRi's claims that he advised her to buy a lemon of a house, saying, that he never told her to do so. He also stated that it was his job was to record and manage her spending, not to offer her purchasing advice.

He also said that the singer wasted millions on her own, shopping and racking up tons of shoes, clothes and jewelry, none of which was cheap. He said she threw pricy parties for herself, too, which further drained her bank accounts.

Also, he claims the singer nixed doing what could have been a profitable tour in favor of shooting the film 'Battleship,' which was a box office dud that did nada for her career.

Gounis wants RiRi's suit tossed and even claimed that it should have been obvious to her that if she shelled out cash for stuff, she'd end up with, well, a bunch of stuff, as opposed to a fat bank account.

Oh, and we all know how hot RiRi is. She oozes sex.

'Mad Man' star Jones is like much of the public, when it comes to the idea that RiRi is a scorching hot babe. Jones went on record and said that if she could sleep with anyone, dead or alive, she would chose late actor Paul Newman or our girl Rihanna.


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