While most New Yorkers were holed up inside and fighting the bitter cold and precipitation this past weekend, Rihanna was out and about in full force. She kept warm in an interesting fashion, so to speak.

RiRi shared a selfie -- nothing new there, either, as she is the queen of Instagram sharing -- that finds her smoking something that looks a little suspicious and, well, pretty much like a blunt.

RiRi has never bothered to hide her love for the green stuff and she posted a shot of her taking a drag with NYC skyscrapers in the background. It's a bit ballsy of her to be on the street with her blunt. But then again, this is Rihanna and she clearly DGAF. Sh makes the rules.

Check out that sly stare on her pretty face, too!

She was also grilling, but not burgers. She flashed a smile and her one gold tooth. She's always golden and glimmering in one way or another.