If we didn't know any better, we'd think Rihanna was in love with herself. She probably is, actually. The 'Diamonds' singer posted a topless photo the morning after her Halloween party. She's all sorts of dirty sexy in the shot, too. Rihanna? Topless? No! She never, ever does that.

At this point, Ri should start a "RiRi Topless Photo of the Week" club since she drops her top with increasing frequency.

Was Breezy the photographer? That's quite possible, since he was at her party. We wish these two would just come out and admit that they are a couple, because it's the worst kept secret in Hollywood. We get it, alright!

RiRi is topless, in a bed, with her fingers stuffed into her mouth and her costume veil atop her head. We wonder what a bad girl RiRi was the night before, hanging with Breezy and celebrating Halloween, and then sharing a shot of herself with the Navy and the world.

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