Rihanna's new single 'Diamonds' hasn't even been released yet and she's already pushing buttons with the cover artwork, which shows her rolling a blunt full of diamonds.

The photo was revealed on Facebook with the news that the single will be officially released on iTunes on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9AM, one hour after it premieres on the radio. The image shows a close-up of RiRi's hands, identifiable by the long nails and tribal tattoo, folding paper with a pile of diamonds inside and more scattered on the table below. We can't imagine how many thousands of dollars worth of jewels are in the pic!

The cover also features her signature "R" logo, only this time it's composed of various words and phrases, including "Love," "Now," "My Navy," "I just want to be found," and "What's love without a tragedy." The same logo appears on her new website rihanna7.com, which so far contains no content but will probably launch on Wednesday when the new track drops.

Rihanna previewed 'Diamonds' in an interview at the iHeart Radio Festival, where she described the mood of the song as, "You’re not sad. You’re happy and hippie. It’s hopeful. It gives me a great feeling when I listen to it. The lyrics are hopeful and positive. It’s about love and the gears are different than what people will expect."

She added, "I want to make it interesting, fresh, ahead of what’s on the radio. That’s the challenge for me." Get ready — the fresh track arrives in less than 48 hours!