For once, Rihanna has some naked photos that weren't self-snapped. While on vacation in her native Barbados over the holidays, some creepy photog took Kate Middleton-style nude photos of the Bajan beauty in her hotel room.

It's unclear whether or not Rihanna, who has admitted previously that she has no problem with nudity (evident from her own Instagram account), was aware she was being photographed. In a few shots, she bends over, baring her rear end to the camera. In others, she's topless. Apparently the shots were taken while the singer was switching from one bikini to another -- with a break in between to (of course) toke up.

Though the shots look like they were obtained by a telephoto lens, it's worth noting that in a few of them, RiRi appears to be looking right into the camera. Then again, depending on how potent her spliff was, she may have just been spacing out.

In the non-bikini and clothed shots, Rihanna also rocks a charming robed that reads "FUCT." Cute!

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