Rihanna got nakey nakes -- you know, NAKED! -- for her GQ cover. More photos from the revealing shoot have been posted by the mag, including one where the 'Diamonds' singer is wearing only panties and Stella McCartney sneakers. That's an odd pairing, since sneakers aren't exactly sexy and, well, heels are.

The woman born Robyn Fenty lays on her belly, baring her back, on an old fashioned, "this belongs in the study of a very rich man" leather couch. Her tattoos, of which there are many, are also on full display.

Did RiRi reveal as much in the feature as she did in the photos?

Well, it turns out she wanted to get a face tattoo, but luckily, the artist talked her out of it. Give that man a tip. "The tattoo artist said, 'Nope, I’m not gonna do it because if you’re looking at your face, it’s right there staring at you," the singer admitted.

Ri, baby girl, you don't know it yet, but you dodged a bullet with that one.

She also shared that her approach to a relationship is very much like that of those who practice S&M. She admitted, "I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, like I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead."

Ok, so Chris Brown is wearing the pantalones in their relationship, even though these two deny it and we refuse to believe it.

She also offered a brief comment on the supposed war between Breezy and Drake over her heart. Remember their epic NYC battle bottle?

"There’s no proof of that being for my love. That’s my answer to that question," she said, sidestepping like a seasoned pro. Plus, why would Breezy need to fight Drizzy over something he already has? Can you tell we're convinced that ChRihanna are a secret couple? Judging from the writer's time hanging with RiRi at a club, he seems to share our thoughts!

The singer also said that she wants her music to be "hopeful, uplifting" but not "corny or supersentimental." She said, "I want it to have the feeling that brings you out of whatever you’re going through. I want it to spark that fire."

Check out more photos and quotes from the interview here.


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