If Santa is making a list and checking it twice to find out who has been naughty and who has been nice this Christmas season, well, Rihanna will certainly be on the former list. She posted some, uh, holiday merriment pics on Instagram and a handful of 'em will make the already red-cheeked St. Nick blush even more.

RiRi hung out with her gal pal Katy Perry, as well, but Perry did not get in on any of the Santa-corrupting fun!

You know, her Instagram isn't "badgalriri" without reason, or Rih-son. Thanks, we'll be here all week.

RiRi imbibed with her bestie Miss Perry!

Rihanna and Katy posed together, looking super HAWT!

Ri rode a plastic Santa and posted: "We tried to convince Santa that being a naughty girl isn't so bad after all!!....making the list or nah?"

Her pal Melissa Forde also got R-rated with a Santa! Badgals will be badgals.