A topless photo. A lap dance with her reported "secret" (and once former) lover. Rihanna was all sorts of amorous around Halloween, wasn't she? Was it something in the air? Or does that certain someone bring it out of her?

Sources are saying that the sexed up singer even gave her worst-kept-secret-boyfriend Chris Brown a lap dance, right in front of everyone. Yeah, they are so a couple.

An insider told Hollyscoop that "Rihanna was all over Chris Brown all night giving him amazing and dirty lap dances." Given RiRi's penchant for showing skin and her increasingly sexafied behavior, this doesn't sound like a stretch to us. We can picture it in our heads now. RiRi all sorts of bumping and grinding while on Breezy's lap.

Breezy, who was dressed like a terrorist for Halloween (which was its own source of controversy since he clearly doesn't think before he does things), reportedly turned up at her Hollywood party with a crew of 16 of his bros, including 2012 VMA host Kevin Hart. RiRi was with her girls, an entourage of six ladies.

Chrihanna (or BRiRi) didn't arrive together, but their tables were adjacent and they couldn't keep their hands to themselves. They were also making out all night.

Please, for the love of God, will these two just come out as an official couple already? All this shady business is getting really tiresome already. Enough!

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