We may only be three months into 2013, but Rihanna is already feeling the effects of having a ridiculously busy schedule. First, she was flying to and from fashion week to promote her clothing line. Then her Diamonds World Tour kicked off earlier this month. So it comes to no surprise that her health is reportedly paying the price.

After having to cancel two dates on her tour already due to laryngitis, doctors have strongly advised RiRi to slow down and essentially take a month off.

"They've told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again. This has given her a scare. But Rihanna knows it's partly self-inflicted. She loves to smoke, drink and stay up late. Her body was bound to need a break at some point. She's now on a mission to start looking after herself," someone close to the 'Stay' singer revealed.

Some say that one of the best solutions to her recovery is to dump her on-again beau, Chris Brown. "RiRi's received death threats, verbal attacks and has fallen out with some of her best friends recently, including Katy Perry," another source explained. "This has taken a huge emotional toll."

According to reports, if she doesn't do something to improve her state, fans may have to be hunting down refunds because it could lead to her canceling her tour all together.

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