Samsung aired new Anti promo spots during the American Music Awards broadcast last night (November 22), as Rihanna continues what's been a long and often head-scratching ramp up to her first album in three years. That release may finally arrive this Friday via a TIDAL exclusive, claims Hits Daily Double, with Anti becoming available to the world on December 4.

If the album does go the 'exclusive' route, TIDAL does offer a trial period for those who are happy with Spotify and/or Apple Music but need RiRi in their earholes ASAP. Watch the longest teaser above, and let us know whether you think dropping an album one week after Adele's monster 25 is gutsy or ill-advised.

It looks like Rihanna may finally be ready to unleash her long-awaited eighth studio album Anti unto the world, because she unveiled the smallest possible bit of promo: A video clip that drives to a new website.

Rihanna posted a short teaser to Instagram earlier today (November 19) that features an amalgamation of different clips (including a briefly animated version of her famous stick-figure Instagram icon), all set in black-and-white. Rihanna captioned the post with, "Excited to share this with you!!" followed by a link to the website, a page that doesn’t currently have much on it, but asks you to sign up to receive updates as to when it’ll be "unlocked."

The clip doesn't reveal what we should expect from her upcoming album (there's no direct information like a release date, or whether another single is on its way in the near future), but it at least acts as an indication that Rihanna may soon drop the album. Whether this will affect her sock line, styling agency Fr8me or any of her other non-musical projects that have been in the works over the past few months (and years) remains to be seen.

Head over to to await word from Rihanna -- just make sure you do it on a mobile device, because it doesn't work from a computer.

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