Rihanna usually loves media attention, but at a Chanel show in Paris, the R&B diva swatted a reporter who got too close to her.

After watching her friend, model Cara Delevingne, sashay down the runway at Chanel's supermarket-themed fashion show, RiRi tried to leave the venue but was blocked by a swarm of reporters.

When asked about Karl Lagerfeld’s selection of music, which included Rihanna's own songs, the 'Stay' singer replied, "Exquisite." But then a reporter’s microphone got too close to her face and she flipped out.

"Excuse me guys with that f---ing thing," she griped at the reporter before swatting the mic with her big Chanel bag.

Outside of the intrusion, the Chanel fashion show was a success. The event took place in an actual supermarket, which is unique to say the least. Shockingly, fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld told reporters that he doesn’t go to supermarkets because he finds them boring. Huh?

Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to show off her fashion sense with a bevy of photos on Instagram, wearing the hottest designs from Paris.

Check out the photos below. You go, RiRi!