Last year it was Jay-Z and Justin hitting the stadiums on tour... and this year, it will be Rihanna and Eminem. But, only for 3 stops, supposedly.

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The word spread like wild fire today as Em and RiRi announced they would be touring together in August. Like Jigga and JT, doing their thang at stadiums but only making 3 stops. Lucky for us, NYC is on their 3 stop tour along with LA and Detroit.

When these tickets go on sale they will probably sell out in a matter of seconds. Talk about supply and demand! I just have this little hunch that they will add more dates on to the tour, hopefully my sixth sense is right.

I have a feeling these ticket prices will be steep. How much would you be willing to spend on the tickets? Would you go to this concert? Let us know if you will be adding this concert to your Summer 2014 calendar below.