Look no further than Rico Nasty for a lesson in fearless self-expression. The Largo, Md.-bred rapper has built a career off her empowering lyrics and innovative style. Wearing ’fits that range from rock star chic to cozy glam, adorning her face with geometric designs and stepping out in footwear that begs a second look are the usual for this gold-selling artist. Rico's flair can be witnessed on the road currently as she performs alongside Playboi Carti on the King Vamp Tour. Feel empowered with Rico Nasty and Puma as she discusses her come up, her exceptional look and being a symbol of courage for women while in New York ahead of performing at the Barclays Center in December.

Rico makes a grand entrance with her bold style, whether it's hitting the stage, heading for a night out or even staying in with friends. Puma Mayze Velvet is the standout silhouette that's perfect for her lifestyle. The stacked sole and contrasting rubber tooling provide a one-of-a-kind, layered presentation that complements a look like no other.

"I love Puma for a chill day," Rico shares. "We're talking shoes, we're talking platforms, we're talking velvet, we're talking badass. It's gonna look really cute ’cause they have the chunky sole. It's amazing ’cause I know that for a fact Puma works with people that push the envelope and they do different stuff. It's just really good to be a part of something that a lot of great people are a part of."

The Puma Mayze Velvet in warm colorways are ideal for an artist like Rico who leads the crowd rather than follows the leader. "It's weird ’cause I just feel like my music and my look go together so well ’cause it's just who I am," she asserts. "It's just me." Both her music and her fashion aren't easily defined, which makes the Mayze the kind of sneaker that suits any style occasion—rock, goth, punk and more. "I actually wanted to be a rapper because my dad was a rapper," Rico recalls. "I used to just be in the studio with him all the time. And it started off as poetry. When I was 15, I remember I had a mixtape out. I was like in it and I became like, obsessed with that like, rocker, goth, punky type of vibe. I just wanted to look super different and just be the person where everyone's like, 'Where'd you get that?'"

Sharing where Rico's look comes from is caring this holiday season and you can cop kicks just like the ones she's wearing in this interview. Head to the Puma website here to grab a pair of the Mayze Velvet for $90. Take your style up a notch with some luxury and a higher-than-ever platform.

And while this rap luminary is stepping out in style, she's also mindful of empowering other women she comes across in the process. "When you walk into a place and you're a woman, I think I wanna be the person that is on someone's shoulder that tells them, 'Do it!'" Rico explains. "I wanna be the courage. I feel like that's what I wanna be for people like when your back is against the wall, and you should have somebody to put on that makes you feel like, 'Raawwrr!'"

Watch Rico Nasty step into Puma's Mayze and share her message of empowerment below. Purchase the Puma Mayze Velvet here.

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