Rick Ross will be playing the role of “Santa Closs” (see what I did there?) this winter, gearing up to release his new album on December 17th. The Miami native swung by the Hot 97 studio earlier this week to talk about the album’s title and his next single.

“I’m releasing a new record, myself, Jay Z, top of next month. We following up with the one that the streets really appreciate right now. So we doing it big.” Rozay and Jigga have enjoyed a working relationship together since the Baws hit the scene with Jay remixing his debut signle, Hustlin. Most recently, it was Ross who appeared on a Jay record, F--- With Me You Know I Got It, off Magna Carta Holy Grail.

He also talked about the thought process behind his album title, Mastermind. “It’s all about coming from wherever you come from and take it wherever you want to go… And the minute you do that, that’s when you can consider yourself a mastermind.”

Props to Ricky Ross for following up one street record with another. His joint with Future, No Games, is a certified banger and is moving up the charts.