Rick Ross is worth about $30 million which is a lot of dough to say the least! But will his new tattoo jinx him to go broke?


"The Boss" Rick Ross' new tattoo says "rich forever" which pretty much guarantees he will go broke & won't be rich forever! He posted a pic of the new tat on Instagram & TMZ.com yesterday. The new tattoo is on his chin where he shaved off a spot of his famous hairy beard.

We all know Rozay blows money fast & likes to make it rain so at that rate of spending he should've got a tattoo that said something different!

I am very superstitious, call me crazy but, I would be skeptical of assuming my own fate! Well, if he ends up broke, Rick can turn that "h" in "rich" to a "k" for "Rick" then it won't be so bad!